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Angel Melaku - Music Video
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Amharic Music

Posted By: guest (1294 days ago)

vxsab ch

Posted By: fuoadco (1439 days ago)

Fery nice

Posted By: DVD1999 (1475 days ago)


Posted By: gaym (1486 days ago)


Posted By: yitbark (1486 days ago)

whats up world happy to join this sit

Posted By: Ayaba (1503 days ago)

Well, I was born in America and I am still unable to process how
brown, black, yellow and red people flatter this country by imitating
the worst it has to offer. African, Asian and Indian people are all
that is left of the original and creative people on the planet. We
want to learn from what you have created, not see the power of our
women being the agents of reflection of this low level sex craved mind
manipulating media coming out of this US. You don't see them imitating
you because they are bent on making the whole world promote their
mind set! We are not seeing you anywhere in the main stream and that
is on purpose. Your hair curls up to the sun and theirs grow down
towards the dirt as do their minds. Your skin was kissed by the sun
while theirs will burn up if they get too much sun. For the sake of
your own originality and the future of our existence on this planet

Posted By: ONELOVE (1599 days ago)

will you all stop ! get off your high horse for once and support your
sis. ,friend, country girl .don't pretend like you are choked to see
her dancing like that or dressed like that ether, cause she is not the
first your girlfriend,sister or even liya kebede the model have been
dressed up like that and danced @ club or party just the same and
nobody have said nothing,so why now is it cause she is getting paid
for it or is it cause she is famous and you /your sis./girlfriend
isn't? shame on you this is the 21 c move with time and the rest of
the world .one last thing when you say she is this and that have you
thought about yourself ,what have you done for Ethiopia lately other
than pointing finger at your on brother or sister?

Posted By: gershom01 (1718 days ago)

beder to make xxxx po'n dan dancin'

Posted By: betelhem (1741 days ago)

i think we should be proud to have someone moving forword not just
sticking to what weve got some times we need to look whats on around

Posted By: ena (1812 days ago)

une somalienne!!!!!

Posted By: nisuhbrhan09 (1816 days ago)

yekonjo blshu

Posted By: zakibabe (1848 days ago)


Posted By: zahrasalam (1850 days ago)

hiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy salam nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Posted By: sin_tig_tit (1854 days ago)

anchi balege
have uu forgoten who uu are? we are ethiopian ,, and
we dont do that sort of shit okay
this aint no porn site./>so slutty
uu should be ashamed of ur self

Posted By: Berhanum (1906 days ago)

Go Girl Angel This is ART keep it up
live her alone How are
we to juge ? She do this she is NOt Abesha
if she Pie on the
Rode she is Abeshea

Posted By: helina (1917 days ago)

live her it is her thing

Posted By: mukdy (1919 days ago)

She cant be habesha and she must not resipect her country and
people.And she think she is doing good but all she is doing is makeing
people hate her.Plus she is sick.

Posted By: feriha (1929 days ago)

what do she think her self which kind of family she

Posted By: kirushay (1937 days ago)

hay guys this is ethio clip don't forget that. she don't even look
like habesha. kituwan geliba legenzeb yetegezach koshasha ethiopiawi
honech alihonech i do not c.......r.

Posted By: semexx (1953 days ago)

hey, guys...... never be denial how hot she issss !!! Beshadu10...with
all due respect, y d we get ashaemed of her personal matter? D u
believe tht' she represent the entire Ethiopean ppl? NO...NO. From my
personal perspective as we hv matters tht make us proud, we also hv
matters tht make us ashamend of ourselves, such as lack of unity and
greediness ...not the act of Engel Melaku. She is at least make money
out of it. Would not it b better than our rampant and clandestine
sexual activity? Let us step on the hot plate of reality. No offence
beshadu10. I just spoke my mind. Tht's all..cher yegtemen...!/>semexx ze beklobate !!

Posted By: beshadu10 (1959 days ago)

she does not represents the true Ethiopian. ashamed of how she is
acting as an Ethopian girl

Posted By: atesf (1969 days ago)

alem this not how you respect habesha dumest

Posted By: selamlover (1971 days ago)

she is out of habesha culture

Posted By: Jaquet (1978 days ago)

she i cuite but she is also
" yebalege Kulef yazz nech"

Posted By: geme99 (2008 days ago)

d a n ge rious ...f

Posted By: llaluma (2039 days ago)

everybody plz lets learn how mind our own business/

Posted By: melat (2053 days ago)

ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, super BALEGE

Posted By: MIKION (2086 days ago)

she is hot

Posted By: Somali_Chick (2106 days ago)

She is attractive, but her ass is way to big. She makes Jennifer Lopez
and Kim Kardashian look tiny.

Posted By: natinal (2110 days ago)

des yelal betam

Posted By: genet (2135 days ago)

you right she is crazy, iwintim balege kebalegem yebalege meceresha
nechii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: maliemichael (2199 days ago)

balege!!!! Bahil Asedabi

Posted By: kalkidan (2282 days ago)

bad song

Posted By: Mona (2351 days ago)

all fake but bling

Posted By: Dave (2389 days ago)

Ye ato Melaku lij yet endederesch eyu, she is the new deal

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