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Zeritu Kebebde - Guozo Zeritu Ethio Music
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Amharic Music

Posted By: yilkal (1607 days ago)

wow i love you so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!!!!!!!!11

Posted By: guest (1710 days ago)


Posted By: dvd (2079 days ago)

wow, you have good voice and good act!

Posted By: mintesinot (2237 days ago)

Zeritu is currently da only amazing singer
there aint no girl
that could sing like her
Tilahuninim esua nat bahunu generation
enditawek yaregechiw
any hu grate one: It is Zeritu.

Posted By: goto01 (2349 days ago)

i like her voice

Posted By: atesf (2366 days ago)

that is aweasome beautiful song

Posted By: bona55107 (2381 days ago)

nice song and act.

Posted By: rediat (2382 days ago)

gurl u r good

Posted By: roza (2408 days ago)

wow she know how to sing

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Zeritu Kebebde - Guozo Zeritu Ethio Music - Watch Video Zeritu Kebede Guozo Zeritu The music of Ethiopia is extremely diverse, with each of Ethiopia's ethnic groups being associated with unique sounds. Some forms of traditional music are strongly influenced by folk music from elsewhere in the Horn of Africa, especially Somalia. However, Ethiopian religious music also has an ancient Christian element, traced to Yared, who lived during the reign of Gabra Masqal. In northeastern Ethiopia, in Wollo, a Muslim musical form called manzuma developed. Sung in Amharic, manzuma has spread toHarar and Jimma, where it is now sung in the Oromo language. In the Ethiopian Highlands, traditional secular music is played by itinerant musicians called azmaris, who are regarded with both suspicion and respect in Ethiopian society. Currently the most prominent Ethiopian singer internationally is Gigi. Through her performing with top jazz musicians like Bill Laswell (who is also her husband) and Herbie Hancock, Gigi has brought Ethiopian music to popular attention, especially in the United States, where she now lives. Other popular performers include Tewodros Tadesse,Teddy Afro, Neway Debebe, Tadesse Alemu, Hamelmal Abate, Martha Ashagari, Yohannes Berhanu, Kuku Sebsebe, Aster Aweke, and Manalemosh Dibo. Neway was very popular among the youth of the 1980s and early 1990s with such songs as "Yetekemt Abeba", "Metekatun Ateye", "Safsaf" and "Gedam", amongst others. Also now Jerry, Betty, Tigist, TG, Tamarat Watch Download or Share High Quality Web Videos to make the most out of your video sharing site. Watch Videos Download Video Comment Video Share Video

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