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Afralehu Teddy Afro New 2009 Teddy Afro
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Amharic Music

Posted By: hosnioro (1644 days ago)

yes teddy your the king of song

Posted By: guest (1709 days ago)

Akure ethiopiawe katel bazhu.

Posted By: getoff (1899 days ago)

TEDDY!!!YES you can. we have got at least one great, talented ...
artist. I REALLY like this music and it concern me!

Posted By: thieryytowfik (2013 days ago)

i admire this man
i mean wow im just wowed by this ethiopian
music legend even prison cant keep him away from his soul for music

this my man yall
how many artist come back with a single
hit like teddy 0 to teddy
man he know how to ignore politics man
i love ur music
i love wat u do
and if i had a good voice
to sing i would wanna sing on the stage with u on january
keep it
everyone TEDDY AFRO


Posted By: ahmedmuuse (2019 days ago)

this is one of the best songs of teddy i mean it too sweat

Posted By: mele (2075 days ago)

make history

Posted By: etalem (2100 days ago)

He is Allways the best singer no matter what!

Posted By: johar (2109 days ago)

tedy u are really loved by GOD when GOD loves you, peoples loves you.
when GOD hates you the same thing is true you have a natural gift from
GOD that others never share.i wish you good chance . GOD BLESS YOU!/> JOHAR Z ITIM FROM ADAMA UNIVERSITY

Posted By: mahedere (2148 days ago)

Afralehu keleba.......luv it....

Posted By: addislover1 (2176 days ago)

WOW! What a come back single “Afralehu” it is, I can’t stop
listing to it. Teddy surly can write and singe wonderfully, what a
shame he is in so much bother, of course if he killed someone he
should do time in jail, he may be a talented singer, still he
shouldn’t get especially treatment because of who he is. Also there
shouldn’t be one law for none famous people and one for famous./>
Therefore, people can NOT say he should be realised, let’s
do his time.

Good luck to him anyway, still, I will buy his
record only because he is a talented musician. That is all.
/>Don’t judge cos you’ll be judge too.

Thanks people/>

Posted By: zinash (2177 days ago)

teddy enwedhalen you are free now!!!! go go go teddy you are innocent
,cute,and good intellectual....

Posted By: kongo (2193 days ago)

hot song teddy i love it keep it up
love you

Posted By: sin_tig_tit (2211 days ago)

nice song
shut up rediat
not in million years would he date
u bitch

Posted By: josi (2215 days ago)

nothing keep you away from what u want, even prison.god bless u teddy

Posted By: dawit2626 (2280 days ago)

if he killed someone he is a guilty but i like his song and he is a

Posted By: star01 (2288 days ago)

Teddy you are the man!!!
Who the hell are they to put you in
jail??those bastards want to kill the fire burns in your heart,they
might harass you, or trun off ya lovely music,but they can't control
your mind,they cant kill your sprit,the sprit of your sort will never
ever dies!!
Brother ,keep your head up!! ignor the pressure they
put you under!Stay strong.
I am confident that one day you will
have a victory!! and we (our generation 0 will always fly our flag
up!! peace out!!!

Posted By: haylen (2296 days ago)

what kind of crime did he sance i have been away from
Ethiopian i have no idea about any thing that goes on over there any
more< Even thou i"m really seeking to know any thing,

Posted By: dusse (2342 days ago)

hei teddye i hop you will be free.

Posted By: semexx (2352 days ago)

Teddye, I wish I had ur DNA. I know some day, I'm ganna hv a son, and
I will name him Tewodros.

Posted By: sity (2359 days ago)

unbelivible! every time i listen to teddy music i will be in good
mood, thsi music is really nice, even know i don't know when the music
released. in here it says 2009 but isn't teddy locked up last year? or
this is from preson like, i don't know how does it work? i really want
to know how this music is relased and when. if any one know what i am
taking about can you please write me back! by the way the person have
love teddy very much becase i love him very much. i hope he is out
soon, becuase he have got so much to say. love you teddy i hope you
are ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice voice and music as

Posted By: ustaad07 (2364 days ago)

how can u say teddy is guilty of this crime it was 4 years ago even if
it was a crime he commited it is the gov just realised how much he has
shown his own pple about the bad goverment

Posted By: nejjoo (2365 days ago)

I share ghost's idea so teddy be honest & we love u

Posted By: ghost (2366 days ago)

Guys do u think teddy is innocent,never he is guilty dat's why he is
in jail.i do believe is a cool singer but i don't want him to be free
from jail as long as he is guilty.
.............TEDDY I HOPE YA

Posted By: roza (2368 days ago)

teddy we love u

Posted By: dgtsadik (2370 days ago)

who is teddy?

Posted By: beselam (2377 days ago)

Great Song I love you Teddy. You will be free soon I hope.

Posted By: milii10 (2377 days ago)

hi tedy . we will be free soon i hope. good song .i will see u soon.

Posted By: elz (2380 days ago)

hi tedy i hope we will see u soon. we will pray for u. its good song.
and he can explain othres feeling by song. we love u

Posted By: achou2001 (2381 days ago)

i heard teddy was in jail ... when did he make this song??

Posted By: rediat (2381 days ago)

teddy yena konjo u will be free soon ,we love u so much!

Posted By: Mariki (2385 days ago)

teddy i miss u :(

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